Hospital Hygiene Products

Hand & Body Hygiene Team
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Ease of access to antiseptic agents and level of acceptance of products by personnel can influence compliance with recommended hand hygiene practices. Both these factors, as well as costs, antimicrobial activity of preparations, should be taken into consideration in the selection of hand hygiene products for health-care workers. �

Emerging Infectious Diseases: Antiseptic Technology:, Access, Affordability &Acceptance: CDC;Vol7,No2, March-April-01



Water-less, Soap-less, Towel-less Hand disinfectant. Alcoholic hand in rub with broad spectrum of action.Food safe biocide, moisturiser and emollients .30 seconds on set of action. Persistent action. Safe. Active against HIV; HBV,TB;MRSA; VRSA.Available in 100 ml. 500 ml and 5 liter.




Pre-operative whole body wash. Post surgical body scrub. Diabetic wound management. Orthopedic pre cast decontamination. Reduces Post surgical site infections, reduces skin shedding in OT and reduces bio-burden inside OT; Prevents bedsores. Packs of 100 ml and 20 ml sachet

Instruments & Devices Decontamination
Medi Sol
Non-Aldehyde formulation. Advanced High Level Disinfectant for the decontamination of surgical instruments and devices such as fiberoptic flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, ancillary�devices. Sporicidal action in 30 minutes. No detergents required. Cleans & Disinfects in one cycle. A safe and�effective alternative to glutaraldehyde




Contains sodium dichloroisocyanurate an organic chlorine releasing compound. Recommended for blood spills decontamination (HIV,HBV). Decontamination of anaesthesia, respiratory devices and apparatus. Decontamination of thermometers, latex gloves, catheters, drainage tubing, masks, feeding tubes, baby teats and bottles, laboratory glass wares, etc. General ward, Labour room floor cleaning. Decontamination  of bio-medical wastes. Sanext-m is the best method to sanitise hospital and dental water lines. Sanext-m is available in 2 grams sachet, 50 grams sachet, 35 mg tablets, 500 mg tablets and 3.5 grams effervescent tablets. Preparation of rinse water for decontamination of all endoscopes. Active against mycobacterium chelonae.

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Hard Surface Decontamination

Semi-Critical Area


Rapid  acting 3 in one disinfectant for decontamination, disinfection and deodorising hard surface area of ICU,ICCU,NICU. Dental Units and all in-patient ward. Bactericidal- Virucidal, Fungicidal & Tuberculocidal action. Available in 1 L & 5L


Critical and Semi-Critical Area


Non-aldehyde  Maxitrol is High Level Disinfectant plus detergent formulation for critical and semi-critical area disinfection in hospitals: Operating rooms, ICU’s CCU, burn wards etc;. Maxitrol is particularly recommended where superior levels of cross infection control is vital. Maxitrol paves the way for a non-formaldehyde fumigation process. Maxitrol enables faster turn-over of OT’s within 2 hours of application. Broad spectrum of action. Available in 500 ml and 5 Liter packs.