Home Hygiene


Germs lurk all over the place where we live. Keeping germs away makes good hygiene sense. The floor area, kitchen, cutleries, utensils, bathrooms is contaminated with varying degree of germs. Under suitable conditions these germs grow rapidly and cause diseases. Children and elders are prone to diseases as they have lower defenses. Water bottles and baby feeding bottles should be sterilized before use. PURGEL is handy for all these purposes. Keep your home safe with PURGEL, a multi purpose product. Here are few benefits of Purgel.

  • Sanitises your drinking water. Use1 tablet in 20 liters of water. Compound approved by World Health Organisation for human drinking purpose, US-EPA, US-FDA)
  • Sterilises school water bottles, baby teats, nipples, feeding bottle. ( Use1 tablet for every 1 liter of water.)
  • Baby napkins, towels: 1 tablet for every 5 liters of water. After regular wash just dip Napkins in Purgel solution for 10 minutes. Remove and dry. Coloured cloths may bleach lightly.
  • Mop the floor with Purgel solution. Kills germs in the floor. Safe for children. Use 1 tablet for every 5 liters of water. Mop daily.
  • Wound cleaning. Use 1 tablet in 20 liters of water to clean the wound.
  • Mouth gargle:- 1 tablet in 1 liter of water.
  • Denture cleaning: Immerse false denture in 250 ml of Purgel solution, over night.
  • Meat, fish poultry: Use 1 tablet for every 5 liters water. Soak and clean for 10 minutes. Remove and store or use immediately. Do not wash again in tap water. AFTER PURGEL USE NO NEED TO WASH.

Are you getting clean & safe water?
Jaundice. Gastroenteritis. Diarrhea. Dysentery Polio Cholera Typhoid Gastritis leading to peptic ulcer spread through contaminated water.


Kills water borne germs. Keeps your water safe for many days.
PURGEL keeps your cutleries and utensils free from germs.
Poor hygienic conditions during transportation, handling or storing of meat, fish poultry products leads to bacterial contamination. This is the major cause of food poisoning. Clean fish, meat and poultry products with PURGEL solution. Purgel helps keep your food safe and fresh for longer days as they become germs free.
Green vegetables have germs in them. They decay faster. Get rid of germs from vegetables by washing them in PURGEL solution. The washed vegetables will retain freshness and have longer shelf life.